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this is the easter egg I want . at easter im going to my grand parents house and my cousins will be there


yes dance because its fun and a good form of exersize . i like to dance to slowish songs because cheesy pop is anoying to dance to . heartcool

Science - Hot and Cold

First we did cold.  In the experiment we used dry ice and cold water to make vapour, but if you use hot water it goes everywhere.  Dry ice contains carbon dioxide. It was really fun!smileyyes


Next we did hot.

We used and infer red camera to look at everyone to see if they we cold or hot

Thanks for reading my blog. Byeeeeeeeeeee!.



This Easter I am going skiing and snowboarding, it is going to be so much fun! heart Happy Easter everybody!!!!

Red Nose Day

In Red Nose Day our class raised £63.47 and we had so much fun. I got thrown at in the wet sponge throwing! It was for charity so I happily did it. Thanks for reading. Bye smileyyes

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