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red nose day is over

our school raised £600 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Comic relief red nose day

tomorrow we are doing a smarties challenge you have to get a straw and **** up a smartie up it and blow it into another bowl and get as many as you can doing the same thing in one minuet .


tomato challenge

you have to get 20 little tomatos  and you have to get them of the table without it squashing them with a big contraption to make it work

science and easter

today we did science in the younger ones class rooms why they were on a school trip. 

in the fist lesson we had dry ice witch is carbon dioxide we put it into water and it froze after a while 

it slid every were on the table .

lesson 2 we had a camera that the police use to detect whether we were cold or hot it was so cool.


Red Nose Day

On red nose day we raised a lot of money.

We had a ton of fun going round all the classrooms seeing what we could buy.

we sold all of are popcorn stocks everyone enjoyed it so much they came back for more.

we also did **** a smarty challenge and the prize was a bag of smartys that everyone wanted to win.

it was so fun I think everybody enjoyed it.

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